Weight loss? Wight loss? Wait loss?

It doesn’t matter how you spell it,  if the scales say you are too heavy you probably are.  If your body tells you it is ill because it is too heavy it is probably right.  If you think the excess fat you are carrying is bad for your health you are definitely right.

The question has always been what to do about it.  Most people who are overweight have tried all kinds of things to fix the problem.  Often with little or no success.  I would like to review a product, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst that makes sense and has proved successful for many people.

Natural Method

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has being doing research relative to the human colon and digestive system since 2002. She really emphasizes the importance of cleansing your body naturally and eating the right foods so that you do not get bloated, her fat loss program is a natural method of losing your unwanted fat by cleansing your body, along with eating a healthy diet.

She has brought to light how all the healthy-food companies, dietary supplement companies and other weight loss programs and the doctors themselves in fact may want you to remain fatter and become sicker because it increases their earnings.


The information provided by Doctor Suzanne about the parasites that live in our digestive track is shocking but important to know.  She goes into detail to explain these parasites and how they can cause us to become sicker and sicker and even shorten our life span. She explains how important it is to get rid of the parasites and shows how to do that.

How to choose a good weight loss program

On the first few pages of Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, Dr. Suzanne explains some tips on how to choose a good weight loss program. She makes some valid and logical points. It’s clear that the book is out to give the reader an education in weight loss as a whole (rather than just the one secret that the site may lead you to believe it is all about.) This is a good thing for beginners, who may have limited scientific knowledge on weight loss.

Fast, healthy weight loss

The book goes on to give yet more tips about losing weight, more specifically – losing weight fast. The tips are all good, valid points that will produce good results. One of the most useful sections is the ‘Metabolic Type Plan’.  This explains how to work out what type of foods your body will digest easily, how  you can put your metabolism in a higher gear and so lose weight more quickly.

Is your liver healthy?

She explains that the body builds up fat around the vital organs in order to stop more toxins building up. It is a natural protection mechanism. If you have fat around the midsection, buttocks and/or thighs, this is a sign the liver is not working at its best and you have toxins. The theory is, when using the detox diet in the book, the toxins are flushed out along with the stubborn fat. She also suggests natural remedies and supplements which help you cleanse your digestive track and lose weight fast.

Overall this book is a good choice for all people who want to lose weight, whether they are beginners or  are fed up with trying every new weight loss program on the market. 

Try it for yourself.  What have you got to lose?  You just might lose that weight that you have been trying so hard to get rid of.  I hope you do.

Have great health



7 Health Benefits of Eating Phytonutrient Rich Apples – Protect Heart, Cells, Lungs, Brain and Bones
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Jocelyn_Hodgson]Jocelyn Hodgson

applesApples are one of the staple fruits. That is they are nearly always available, and we don’t usually consider them exotic in the same way we might say a mango or a lychee. Apples are a unique fruit. The combination of the particular nutrients found in apples work together producing something that cannot be replicated.

Apples have a very high level of phytonutrients which act as antioxidants. Because these are mostly found in the skin, or close to the skin it is important to find ways of eating the skin of the apple. The fibre in apples is both soluble, pectin, and insoluble, cellulose. As well as vitamins and minerals apples contain flavonoids, which are a type of phytonutrient.

One of the flavonoids in apples is quercetin. Quercetin has had a fair amount of research done on it, the results of which show that it has very important health benefits. Researchers in Finland did long term studies on this and found that quercetin, particularly as found in apples, is the flavonoid with the best potential health promoting capabilities.

Here are seven areas of health where apples have been found to be useful.

Heart Health

  • Protection of the cardiovascular system due to the antioxidant factors in apples.
  • Dietary fibre helps to keep LDL cholesterol levels in check. Eating two apples a day may lower cholesterol by as much as 16%.
  • Flavonoids help to deal with inflammation and clumping of blood platelets. They also regulate blood pressure and production of fat in the liver. They help to lower the risk of heart disease and even after heart disease has occurred, can help to improve the health of the heart.


Studies to date have shown that apples could reduce the risk of lung cancer. Other types of cancer that apples have the potential to help to protect against include prostate, breast and colon. There is still ongoing research that is being done on these topics, but the possibility of apples being protective against cancer is very interesting.

Asthma and Lung Health

Apples could have an ability to support lung health. Asthmatic children who drank apple juice each day had less wheezing than those who only drank it once a month.

Alzheimer’s Disease

That apples may protect brain cells from the damage that leads to Alzheimer’s disease has been shown in a study on mice.

Management of Diabetes

The pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body which reduces the need for insulin. Eating an apple in between meals can help to regulate blood sugar.

Weight Loss

A study in Brazil found that more weight loss was obtained from dieters when they ate three apples or pears each day than those dieters that did not eat the fruit.

Protection of Bones

Another flavonoid in apples called phloridzin may help increase bone density thus protecting post menopausal women from osteoporosis. Boron, a mineral found in apples is known for its bone strengthening ability.

There are many different types of apples and they all have differing amounts of various nutrients. Try using many different varieties of apples. As well as increasing apple consumption, it might give a wider cross section of the different amazing nutrients that are found in apples.

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