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Do you have a pet parrot? Or perhaps you are thinking of getting one. What do you do with it when you have to go away? Be it holidays, business trips, family reasons we all need to be away from home sometimes. Pets, including parrots, need to be taken into account when we are making our plans.

There are three options, not all of them equal depending on the situation. You could take your bird with you. You could board it at a boarding place. Or you could have someone “bird sit” your bird.

Here are three tips that will make it easier for you and your pet parrot if you choose the boarding option.

  1. Be sure that your pet parrot will be getting enough human contact each day. If that seems doubtful when you inspect the premises, look for a different place.
  2. Be sure that the area where the birds are kept is frequently and thoroughly cleaned. It would be sad for your feathered friend to become ill through unhealthy surroundings.
  3. Check out what other birds are likely to be near your bird. Are the birds to close to each other? Is your bird likely to feel threatened or insecure in that setting?

Perhaps, the boarding option is not one that you had thought of. If you do consider it investigate all aspects of each place carefully. So much depends on the how such places are run. Many of them are very fine places but not all of them are equal. It pays to spend a little time and effort before leaving your bird in different surroundings. Your pet parrot has come to depend on you for companionship and all his other needs. I hope these tips will help you to ensure that those needs are able to be met when you have to leave him with others.

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