Deleted does not really mean deleted

Have you ever deleted accidentally and then realized what you had done? Depending on the importance of the files that have gone into the black hole of nothingness you might feel anything from mild annoyance to outright panic and despair. Even though you have deleted files, even emptied the recycle bin, deleted does not really mean deleted.

How to get them back

Isn’t that good news? Even if you have held down the shift key while you pressed delete and it bypassed the recycle bin you can get it back. How? Recover deleted files with special software. There is an award-winning software called Recover Deleted Files that can automatically recover any of your accidentally deleted files. It is easy to use, just a few clicks and you have your file back. You can breathe again, all that hard work is not lost.

Works with all Media Types

It is not just files deleted accidentally from your computer hard drive that this software can retrieve. It works with all types of media from your hard drive to USB drives, memory cards and more.  If it can appear as a drive in My Computer then Recover Deleted Files can work for you. Don’t panic next time your files go missing. Remember they are not really as deleted as you think.

How does it work?

Recover Deleted Files works by analysing your disk at a bit-by-bit level. It scans for previously deleted files and restores them. When files are deleted on your PC only the first few ‘bits’ are actually removed. The rest of the file is still there. This program finds those files and uses its built-in data recovery algorithms to restore the deleted files.

Advertised bonus

Currently this product is advertising a free copy of Magic Backup with every copy of Recover Deleted Files.

If you have ever needed to recover deleted files or think you might need to in the future I recommend you get your copy of Recover Deleted Files. Having the program on hand is a bit like an insurance policy. If the unthinkable happens and your work is suddenly all gone you know you can get it back.  What a relief.