One Day in the Sweet By and By

For many years I have said that one day I will write a book and for me that meant a novel.  I think that I would have gone on for ever saying that one day I want to write a book except that I found Nanowrimo.  That, for the uninitiated stands for National Novel Writing Month.  Every November they hold their online event.  This is how it goes.  On the 1st November you start to write your novel.  You have until the 30th November to reach 50,000 words.  If you reach 50,000 words you are a winner.

That was my catalyst.  Obviously it was possible, others had done it. I started on 1st November 2009 and completed my novel on 21st November.  That was 54,000 words. To say I was pleased is putting it mildly.

You Can Achieve It

If you want to achieve something like this the most important thing is to write every day.  Even if it is a very busy day and there isn’t really time write something every day.  My smallest daily word count was 150 words.  I had a couple of days where I wrote something like 5,000.  My daily aim was 2000 words and that is what I did on most days.

The discipline of writing something everyday will keep you moving on in your project.  It keeps you in touch with it.  If you let one day go by without writing it is all too easy for that to run into 2,3,4,5,6 days and it becomes something that is sitting there never to be touched again.  Another blockage to you achieving all that you could.

Resources to Help You on Your Way

There are loads of books and resources available to help you to get started in your writing.  Today I would like to present you with Elizabeth Dt Denny’s “Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You“.

Elizabeth St Denny founded of the Institute for Creative Writers in 1994.  Not only has she been writing for most of her life but she had taught creative writing for many years.  In this great instructional book she gives all the information that you need to get you started writing your book.

In fact she covers everything from start to finish.  There are ideas on how to start.  Reminders on correct grammar usage, without getting bogged down in it. She tells you how to use an outline and how to write without an outline, which is what she does herself.  She covers most of what you will need to know including a section on getting published.

Whether it is a novel that you yearn to write or perhaps something shorter for children “Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You” could be just what you need to get you started as an author.

Set the story that is inside you free.  Get your copy of “Bring out the Novel That’s Inside You” today.  Read it, put it aside and start writing.  You might be very surprised at how easy it becomes.

Have great success as an author as you let your story escape onto the page.



Many of us have often thought of writing a book.  For all to many of us, that is as far as it has gone.

Some even have had good ideas for their story.  Sadly,  that is all they are.  They have merely remained as ideas.

Some have notebooks filled with characters, plots, story lines, settings.  Others even have several chapters written that have been languishing around for years.

Whatever the status of your desire and plans for writing a novel, this book, Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You, by Elizabeth St Denny will help you to get it finished and published.

Imagine seeing your name as a published author.  Today that does not have to remain a dream.  With the information in Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You, you will be able to birth your book and see it finished.

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Happy writing