Review – My Airfare Secrets

There is a lot of information about the airline ticketing system and the prices they charge, which a normal traveler doesn’t have access to.  If you have the correct information available to you, you can save a lot of money on your traveling, hotel stays and reservation.  In fact if you want cheap airfares, tickets are available.  You just need the right information to be able to access them.

You can get the Discounts too is a website which teaches you how to get all these discounts. It is created by a former travel agent, Tony Morrison, who worked for an airline for 16 years before being fired for no reason. He claims that after the launch of this website he has been threatened and also begged by air ticketing companies to close his site. He has even been offered a new employment contract at a higher rate which he refused to.

The site reveals a huge number of secrets that can save you a lot of money on airfares, hotel stays, food and additional travel expenses. It guarantees to make your trips a lot cheaper.

Tony goes into great depth to explain how you can save money on trips. He reveals that there are thousands of discount coupons released by airlines everyday and explains how you can benefit from these free vouchers and how you can get your ticket upgraded for free.

He also reveals that by booking your flights on some specific dates you can travel for a very low cost or even free! He teaches you to take advantage of discounts up to 75% off list prices and many more insider secrets.

Visit to find out how you can get these discounts as well.

You will get the know how

The product teaches you the right things you should say to the travel agents while booking your flights to get the discounts. He tells you about the flaws in airlines websites and how you can exploit them.  He also teaches you how to get compensation money from airline companies. The author claims that his information works with all airlines and he will also tell you about airline packages which will even pay you to travel!


The product also includes bonuses. There is good seat guide that will teach you how to get the best seats. It has a hotel reservation manual that will tell you how to save money on hotel stays.  A car rental guide, cruise travel guide and holiday planner software which will make it easy for you to plan your trips. Also included is a seven language phrase guide.

The package cost is a very reasonable  $24.95. At such a low price, this product will easily pay for itself several times over the very next time you purchase airline tickets.

Don’t wait until next time you want really cheap airline tickets to buy Save on Airfare Secrets.  Get your copy now so that you know in advance how to get your cheap air tickets, cheap travel or discount airfares.

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