Why Don’t Young Children Read?

The reason that very young children do not learn to read is that the print is to small for them.  If you make the print very large to begin with it trains their visual pathway and you progressively start making the letters smaller.

My Experience

My children are all in their thirties now but when they were about two I taught them to read.  I had read Dr Glenn Doman’s book “Teach Your Baby To Read”.  I was so excited over the fact that brain damaged two year olds were able to read that I decided that my non brain damaged children should have the opportunity to learn to read as well.

They loved it.  I loved it.  We all had fun with it.  It only takes a few minutes a couple of times a day.  The one rule of the game is to put it away before they are tired of it.

The only problem I had with doing this was the hours I spent making up word cards to have new words to show my toddler.  Believe me once you start they can’t wait to keep getting new words.


I recently came across a great solution to the problem of making up word cards.  There is a computer program that puts it all together for you.  All you do is input your words and hit the run button.  The words will flash up on the screen for you just as if they were word cards.

Even More Than Reading

This program does even more than the reading program.  Dr Doman also has a book called “Teach Your Baby Maths”.  It works by showing your young child a number of dots on the page.  You simple show the cards and say what number they represent.  People have fantastic results with this.  The only difficulty is keeping up with making the necessary materials.  The program does it all for you quickly and easily.

And There is More

There is also a section called encyclopedic knowledge.  They have a series of pictures in classifications like birds, animals, flowers, fruit etc.  Each picture flashes up separately and has its name written under the picture.  In this way a child is given access to a lot more knowledge and experiences that they would perhaps get in the ordinary way.

Genius Maker

The program is called Genius Maker on the premise that every baby is born a genius.  That is not to say that all children who learn to read early will become what we would call a genius but once they can read you know that it will stand them in good stead for ever.  They will not be amongst those who might be still struggling to read well for years.

You can find out more about this wonderful program here.

Learning is fun for all

Learning is fun for all

If you have young children or you know someone who does have a look at this.  It is simple, fun,  very time efficient and best of all it works.

I enjoyed the privilege of teaching my children to read.  I hope you can too.  It is very rewarding and I found that it build a wonderful bond with my children.  I didn’t really know what people meant when the talked about the terrible twos.  I thought it was a wonderful age.

I hope you have fun with this.



Having a hobby can be really good for our health.  If your hobby has the potential to make money as well that is a great bonus.

Even if you currently have no ideas or skills on what you could do that could be a fulfilling hobby and also create a saleable product, don’t give up.  Everything can be learned.

You could make a list of some things that you have always wanted to learn to do and find one that could fit both hobby and income.  Then find a resource that would help you to learn how to do that.

Here is one example.    Wooden toys are always sought after.  Children enjoy them.  Parents prefer them over short life plastic toys.  It is certainly a satisfying hobby to create a toy from beginning to end.

Even if you have no experience in making wooden toys that can be learned by using a resource such as Fun Wooden Toys You Can Make.

If you want to see how easy it could be to make wooden toys visit http://toys.jocelynkaye.com to get your copy and start your hobby today.


One of the key things when looking at how to write a novel is being able to know what to write about. There are actually good ideas all around us. The difficulty is in capturing that idea and having it on tap when it is needed. It is not always at the beginning of the story that we might be looking for an idea. It could be ideas for a character, or a setting or even a conversation.

There is a resource that everyone can have to help them out with this. It does take time to develop this resource. Everyone will have different ideas in their resource, but it is an invaluable aid to any writer.

The Resource

Always carry a notebook and pen. Ideas come up at all different times and places. If you don’t record it at the time it will be lost. Sometimes it might be an impression you have when you see a beautiful scene. It might be a headline in the newspaper that sparks a thought. Perhaps some snippet of conversation you hear in the grocery checkout line might strike you as something that could be developed.

Record anything and everything that might be of possible use. Once you have it in your notebook it is preserved for future needs. Writing things down as soon as possible keeps them intact. If we wait and do it later we won’t remember the event with the same clarity or accuracy as we do when we write it down immediately.

Go through your notebook when you are looking for ideas. Reading something that you recorded months or even years before can be just the catalyst that you need to get your new story started or fill in the details that you are searching for.

Once your story is underway there might be numerous times when you need to refer to you notebook. Perhaps you are looking for a new character and you remember that you jotted down some notes that would just fit what you are looking for.

So long as you always carry your notebook, and develop the habit of jotting down anything that strikes you, you will have a resource that will stand you in good stead as you embark on your journey as an author.

Even if you are not ready to start thinking about writing, start collecting ideas in your notebook. That way, having a ready store of ideas to draw from, you will be able to focus on how to write a novel, rather than staring blankly at the page looking for inspiration.

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Hope you enjoy this, he’s a cutie.

Many of us have often thought of writing a book.  For all to many of us, that is as far as it has gone.

Some even have had good ideas for their story.  Sadly,  that is all they are.  They have merely remained as ideas.

Some have notebooks filled with characters, plots, story lines, settings.  Others even have several chapters written that have been languishing around for years.

Whatever the status of your desire and plans for writing a novel, this book, Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You, by Elizabeth St Denny will help you to get it finished and published.

Imagine seeing your name as a published author.  Today that does not have to remain a dream.  With the information in Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You, you will be able to birth your book and see it finished.

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Happy writing


Wooden toys offer some advantages that may not at first be obvious. It is true that a wooden toy cannot make a noise. It cannot move by itself. It does not have a remote control. It uses no batteries. It cannot do all the wonderful things that electronic toys do.

However, rather than being a drawback these things are actually beneficial. Not that there isn’t a place for those types of toys but rather that the wooden toy is a valuable addition to the toy collection of any child.

* Durability

Wooden toys are usually strong. They do not break easily. Because of their strength they can stand a lot more weight and pressure than other toys. This lends them to being played with in more ways than most adults would think of when deciding which toy to get for their child.

* Imagination

Wooden toys allow the imagination a huge scope. Because the toy does not have any resemblance to the television programs that the children have watched their imagination has a chance to be unleashed. The number of different ways to play with the toy is only restricted to how well the child can use their imagination. The more a child exercises their imagination the stronger it becomes.

There are many advantages for a child in having a strong imagination. It is a vehicle which allows one to entertain oneself at any time and in any place. Most people would agree that that is very useful, not just in childhood but throughout life. Children also use imagination to explore their world, feelings and problems. It allows them to integrate their feelings, dreams and actions. In short it is a valuable vehicle to them becoming well adjusted members of society.

* Educational

The actual toy determines which educational factors can be developed. All wooden toys will have some educational or developmental benefit.

For example wooden puzzles can help to develop hand eye co ordination and problem solving. Of course puzzles made out of other materials offer the same advantages. Wooden puzzles, being stronger and more durable may perhaps offer them for longer.

Bead sequencing sets or other sorting games can offer hand eye co ordination and reasoning skills.

Anything that stimulates the process of discovery and learning will enhance the educational and developmental process of children. Wooden toys of all sorts can fit into this category.

Versatile wooden toys lend themselves to children creating new games with them each time they play with them. For this reason children will keep coming back to play with these toys often. This makes wooden toys a great choice to add to any child’s life.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jocelyn_Hodgson

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Parent’s are often looking for tools to help them bring out the best in their children.  All parents desire the best for their children.  That they will grow to be happy, well adjusted, independent and successful.

The book Nurturing Creative Children is just such a tool.  It shows how to bring out a child’s creativity and how that can help the child towards overall success.

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