Choosing snacks that contribute to your nutrient intake and not just your calorie intake can be a challenge. If you are looking for healthy snack recipes try Carolyn Hansen’s 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats.

With these recipes you will be able to enjoy all kinds of beautiful tasty treats and healthy snack foods. The recipes are easy to make. There is no cooking needed. With the aid of a blender all these recipes are able to be made with ease.

Easy snacks can be healthy snack foods. You won’t find processed sugar, flour, butter or chemical additives in any of these recipes. Instead you will find things like nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits and coconut. With these foods snack time can be just as health giving as meal time.

The recipes in this book are designed from foods that help to increase your metabolism naturally. This has the effect of effortlessly burning off that unnecessary weight that you have been trying to shift.

The recipes in 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats are easy to make. If you can use a blender you will have no trouble putting these delicious snacks and treats together.

Carolyn has put together an extra book of 20 recipes that you can download for free. Get your copy of 20 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats here. Click the link and it will take you directly to a pdf  book for you to save to your computer.

These extra 20 recipes will give you an idea of the delicious scope healthy snack foods can cover. If you like them you might like to buy her book with the other 100 recipes to give you a really wide range of easy snacks to choose from when you get the munchies.

In the mean time please download your free copy of 20 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats. Test out the recipes. You will discover just how tasty these healthy snack foods are. For those who need to follow a gluten free diet, please note that 19 of the 20 recipes in this book are gluten free.

Enjoy these easy snacks and good health.



Deleted does not really mean deleted

Have you ever deleted accidentally and then realized what you had done? Depending on the importance of the files that have gone into the black hole of nothingness you might feel anything from mild annoyance to outright panic and despair. Even though you have deleted files, even emptied the recycle bin, deleted does not really mean deleted.

How to get them back

Isn’t that good news? Even if you have held down the shift key while you pressed delete and it bypassed the recycle bin you can get it back. How? Recover deleted files with special software. There is an award-winning software called Recover Deleted Files that can automatically recover any of your accidentally deleted files. It is easy to use, just a few clicks and you have your file back. You can breathe again, all that hard work is not lost.

Works with all Media Types

It is not just files deleted accidentally from your computer hard drive that this software can retrieve. It works with all types of media from your hard drive to USB drives, memory cards and more.  If it can appear as a drive in My Computer then Recover Deleted Files can work for you. Don’t panic next time your files go missing. Remember they are not really as deleted as you think.

How does it work?

Recover Deleted Files works by analysing your disk at a bit-by-bit level. It scans for previously deleted files and restores them. When files are deleted on your PC only the first few ‘bits’ are actually removed. The rest of the file is still there. This program finds those files and uses its built-in data recovery algorithms to restore the deleted files.

Advertised bonus

Currently this product is advertising a free copy of Magic Backup with every copy of Recover Deleted Files.

If you have ever needed to recover deleted files or think you might need to in the future I recommend you get your copy of Recover Deleted Files. Having the program on hand is a bit like an insurance policy. If the unthinkable happens and your work is suddenly all gone you know you can get it back.  What a relief.


With the Northern Hemisphere winter coming, those who dream of skiing would do well to prepare their body in advance.  Imagine doing all the skiing you want without your legs giving out on you.

That is exactly what you can have if you follow the skiing exercises in Avalanche Ski Training, created by Mike Geary.  Mike is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. His program includes workouts for beginners as well as advanced skiers.  You can do the workouts in the gym or at home.  No matter whether your skiing specialty is bowls, glades, bumps, telemark skiing or competition skiing this guide has the preparation strategies you need.

Comprehensive program

  • 30 different exercises combined to give you ski-specific exercise sessions
  • Learn 5 facts about how you can get your legs strong and reduce the chances of injuries.
  • Explains the misconception that people have about wall squats
  • Includes workouts that do not require you to have any special equipment.  Do them at home or in the gym.  You choose.
  • Learn how to increase your strength, power and muscular endurance in the legs, core and back.

With the increased levels of strength in your legs that the exercises can provide, you will be able to ski for long periods of time. Do the ski exercises and reap the benefits.

Agility plays a very important role in skiing. You will learn techniques that will drastically increase your quickness and agility, and enable you to move faster between moguls, trees, rocks, and other obstacles.

Deep “leg burn” is something that forces a skier to rest several times when he is skiing, this book provides the advice that will help you stay on the course and have more fun. There is also help information included on reducing post skiing leg and back  soreness.

Most importantly, this book will teach you how you can do more controlled skiing which means less stumbling and missed turns.

Avalanche ski training comes with six other bonuses which are:

8-week Dumbbell Bodyweight Fusion Workout Program: This is a home workout program that shows you how to combine body weight and dumbbell exercises to attain fast improvements over an 8-week period.

Stability Ball Killer Abs Workout: This program contains 8 very good abdominal exercises that can be done with stability balls for killer abs and a tight mid section. The program can be adjusted for young and adult users.

Ultimate Stair Exercises: This is a great book dedicated entirely to stair exercises.

Smoothies for Athletes: This book includes 126 fast and easy smoothie recipes for maximum sports performance.

Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success: In this book Tom Nicoli, a clinical hypnotherapist who was featured the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, meets with fat loss expert and best selling author Tom Venuto. They discuss how you can really lose fat.

10-Minute Full Body Stretch Routine: Stretching routines are important for skiers and should be neglected. This book will help you increase you flexibility.

Avalanche Ski Training system gives you all the information that you need to build strong legs and increase your control and agility. The price of the whole package is $ 47 and it comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.

Get your copy now and make your ski preparation with Avalanche Ski Training.

Be prepared and have fun,


Weight loss? Wight loss? Wait loss?

It doesn’t matter how you spell it,  if the scales say you are too heavy you probably are.  If your body tells you it is ill because it is too heavy it is probably right.  If you think the excess fat you are carrying is bad for your health you are definitely right.

The question has always been what to do about it.  Most people who are overweight have tried all kinds of things to fix the problem.  Often with little or no success.  I would like to review a product, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst that makes sense and has proved successful for many people.

Natural Method

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst has being doing research relative to the human colon and digestive system since 2002. She really emphasizes the importance of cleansing your body naturally and eating the right foods so that you do not get bloated, her fat loss program is a natural method of losing your unwanted fat by cleansing your body, along with eating a healthy diet.

She has brought to light how all the healthy-food companies, dietary supplement companies and other weight loss programs and the doctors themselves in fact may want you to remain fatter and become sicker because it increases their earnings.


The information provided by Doctor Suzanne about the parasites that live in our digestive track is shocking but important to know.  She goes into detail to explain these parasites and how they can cause us to become sicker and sicker and even shorten our life span. She explains how important it is to get rid of the parasites and shows how to do that.

How to choose a good weight loss program

On the first few pages of Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, Dr. Suzanne explains some tips on how to choose a good weight loss program. She makes some valid and logical points. It’s clear that the book is out to give the reader an education in weight loss as a whole (rather than just the one secret that the site may lead you to believe it is all about.) This is a good thing for beginners, who may have limited scientific knowledge on weight loss.

Fast, healthy weight loss

The book goes on to give yet more tips about losing weight, more specifically – losing weight fast. The tips are all good, valid points that will produce good results. One of the most useful sections is the ‘Metabolic Type Plan’.  This explains how to work out what type of foods your body will digest easily, how  you can put your metabolism in a higher gear and so lose weight more quickly.

Is your liver healthy?

She explains that the body builds up fat around the vital organs in order to stop more toxins building up. It is a natural protection mechanism. If you have fat around the midsection, buttocks and/or thighs, this is a sign the liver is not working at its best and you have toxins. The theory is, when using the detox diet in the book, the toxins are flushed out along with the stubborn fat. She also suggests natural remedies and supplements which help you cleanse your digestive track and lose weight fast.

Overall this book is a good choice for all people who want to lose weight, whether they are beginners or  are fed up with trying every new weight loss program on the market. 

Try it for yourself.  What have you got to lose?  You just might lose that weight that you have been trying so hard to get rid of.  I hope you do.

Have great health


Review – My Airfare Secrets

There is a lot of information about the airline ticketing system and the prices they charge, which a normal traveler doesn’t have access to.  If you have the correct information available to you, you can save a lot of money on your traveling, hotel stays and reservation.  In fact if you want cheap airfares, tickets are available.  You just need the right information to be able to access them.

You can get the Discounts too is a website which teaches you how to get all these discounts. It is created by a former travel agent, Tony Morrison, who worked for an airline for 16 years before being fired for no reason. He claims that after the launch of this website he has been threatened and also begged by air ticketing companies to close his site. He has even been offered a new employment contract at a higher rate which he refused to.

The site reveals a huge number of secrets that can save you a lot of money on airfares, hotel stays, food and additional travel expenses. It guarantees to make your trips a lot cheaper.

Tony goes into great depth to explain how you can save money on trips. He reveals that there are thousands of discount coupons released by airlines everyday and explains how you can benefit from these free vouchers and how you can get your ticket upgraded for free.

He also reveals that by booking your flights on some specific dates you can travel for a very low cost or even free! He teaches you to take advantage of discounts up to 75% off list prices and many more insider secrets.

Visit to find out how you can get these discounts as well.

You will get the know how

The product teaches you the right things you should say to the travel agents while booking your flights to get the discounts. He tells you about the flaws in airlines websites and how you can exploit them.  He also teaches you how to get compensation money from airline companies. The author claims that his information works with all airlines and he will also tell you about airline packages which will even pay you to travel!


The product also includes bonuses. There is good seat guide that will teach you how to get the best seats. It has a hotel reservation manual that will tell you how to save money on hotel stays.  A car rental guide, cruise travel guide and holiday planner software which will make it easy for you to plan your trips. Also included is a seven language phrase guide.

The package cost is a very reasonable  $24.95. At such a low price, this product will easily pay for itself several times over the very next time you purchase airline tickets.

Don’t wait until next time you want really cheap airline tickets to buy Save on Airfare Secrets.  Get your copy now so that you know in advance how to get your cheap air tickets, cheap travel or discount airfares.

Happy travelling,


One Day in the Sweet By and By

For many years I have said that one day I will write a book and for me that meant a novel.  I think that I would have gone on for ever saying that one day I want to write a book except that I found Nanowrimo.  That, for the uninitiated stands for National Novel Writing Month.  Every November they hold their online event.  This is how it goes.  On the 1st November you start to write your novel.  You have until the 30th November to reach 50,000 words.  If you reach 50,000 words you are a winner.

That was my catalyst.  Obviously it was possible, others had done it. I started on 1st November 2009 and completed my novel on 21st November.  That was 54,000 words. To say I was pleased is putting it mildly.

You Can Achieve It

If you want to achieve something like this the most important thing is to write every day.  Even if it is a very busy day and there isn’t really time write something every day.  My smallest daily word count was 150 words.  I had a couple of days where I wrote something like 5,000.  My daily aim was 2000 words and that is what I did on most days.

The discipline of writing something everyday will keep you moving on in your project.  It keeps you in touch with it.  If you let one day go by without writing it is all too easy for that to run into 2,3,4,5,6 days and it becomes something that is sitting there never to be touched again.  Another blockage to you achieving all that you could.

Resources to Help You on Your Way

There are loads of books and resources available to help you to get started in your writing.  Today I would like to present you with Elizabeth Dt Denny’s “Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You“.

Elizabeth St Denny founded of the Institute for Creative Writers in 1994.  Not only has she been writing for most of her life but she had taught creative writing for many years.  In this great instructional book she gives all the information that you need to get you started writing your book.

In fact she covers everything from start to finish.  There are ideas on how to start.  Reminders on correct grammar usage, without getting bogged down in it. She tells you how to use an outline and how to write without an outline, which is what she does herself.  She covers most of what you will need to know including a section on getting published.

Whether it is a novel that you yearn to write or perhaps something shorter for children “Bring Out the Novel That’s Inside You” could be just what you need to get you started as an author.

Set the story that is inside you free.  Get your copy of “Bring out the Novel That’s Inside You” today.  Read it, put it aside and start writing.  You might be very surprised at how easy it becomes.

Have great success as an author as you let your story escape onto the page.


Are You Procrastinating?

What are you procrastinating about?   Do you find yourself doing the unimportant things while the urgent or important stuff piles up creating all kinds of problems?  Procrastination can hinder us doing any number of important things.  All the time that we avoid those important tasks by procrastinating they are still there, and if they are very important the problems that are caused by not doing them are growing larger each day.

Me?  Stop Procrastinating?

Yes, you can learn how to stop procrastinating.  The first step is to recognize that you are in fact procrastinating when you put off tasks for various seemingly valid reasons.  The truth is that if you are going to have to do it in the end then procrastination does not really help.  Procrastination merely draws out the pain and complicates our life in many ways.

Define Procrastination

You could define procrastination as not doing the things you know you need to do.  Another way of putting this procrastination definition is to choose to delay important things.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

If your cry is HELP procrastination is ruling my life, it is time to act.  You can stop procrastinating.  Deciding to do something about it is half the battle.  The other half is knowing how and doing it.  With your action you can have procrastinating stop very quickly.  Getting good, proven to work, information on how to stop procrastinating is a definite step in the right direction.

Procrastinating, stop today

Jack Webster’s book “Beating Procrastination” is a fantastic tool to give you the information you need to make procrastinating stop.  Procrastination does not have to rule your life any longer.

Find out about different ways to stop procrastinating at

Have great success